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LF: Re: Re: Re: Test Signal ??

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Subject: LF: Re: Re: Re: Test Signal ??
From: "captbrian" <[email protected]>
Date: Fri, 7 May 2004 14:35:00 +0100
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yu can hardly be a geriatric with a G3 plus 3 call.
I'm earlier and just a boy really..
Now g2 plus 2 maybe..

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From: Alan Melia <[email protected]>
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Sent: Friday, May 07, 2004 1:12 PM
Subject: LF: Re: Re: Test Signal ??

Hi Werner, I guessed it was something like that, I should have known from
the signal it was you. In fact just after I posted the message your timer
send the ID and then I knew who it was. The signal is good audible here of
course.....again this lunchtime (1209z) with your CQ audible (in SSB
bandwidth)  over my local noise....local fellow geriatrics watching TV !!
Cheers de Alan G3NYK

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From: "DE BONDT WERNER" <[email protected]>
To: <[email protected]>
Sent: 06 May 2004 20:27
Subject: LF: Re: Test Signal ??

> Hi Alan and group
> I was testing my new antenna system
> so measuring the fieldstrengt on a distance it was  1.2mV/meter
> with  400Watts input
> I ended with my call ON6ND but maybe to short
> the OM was a motor and a micro switch HI
> But tnx for the report
>  Vy 73 to all
> Werner  ON6ND

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