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LF: Grabber and activity

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Subject: LF: Grabber and activity
From: "Dave Pick" <[email protected]>
Date: Thu, 18 Mar 2004 12:01:42 -0000
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John, Gary and all.

The grabber doesn't run all the time but I can put it on anytime you need it.
Just e-mail me.

Please use the address ([email protected] or [email protected] )as I intend to drop the f9 address soon, too much spam!

I have put it on now and will leave it on all day tonight it will be looking for UA"T"LE and VO1NA.

Skeds welcome too!

I hadn't used CW since I passed the Morse test, thirty years before, when I started on LF. Thanks to the slow speeds in use I managed to re-learn the stuff. It's a great way of practising. I still don't feel confident enough to go on the HF bands but I'm quite happy stumbling along on LF. Please don't let it put you off Gary we NEED CW QSOs on the band. I'll put some CQs out over the weekend and see what I can find...

Dave G3YXM

Hi Gary,
Like you I am conducting tests and modifications to my 136kHz antenna.
Could you please tell me how to make use of the G3YXM grabber?  I call frequently on 136 but get no replies. I wonder if you would be interested in attempting to make a qso with me with a view to getting reports from one another.

Reports from any of the lf group would also be appreciated. Thank you and regards from John, G3JRL Weymouth.

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