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LF: 3rd Rus #3

To: [email protected]
Subject: LF: 3rd Rus #3
From: "Ed Lesnichy" <[email protected]>
Date: Thu, 18 Mar 2004 09:22:21 +0300
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Sender: [email protected]
Dear LF-enthusiasts!

#3 (0630z, 18 Mar, 2004 - first msg from UA0L)

DXpedition's team now:
Vlad UA0LE, Vic UA9OC, Andy RA0LGH, Ed RU6LA

MAR 16
Abt 2z we arrive in PN63CI. Temperature +7 C
We have made RX ANT to Europe (BOG abt 2km long) and vertical part
of Big Vertical (abt 80m high point).
Propagation very stable during all night.
RX only RN6BN in QRSS60/30/10s mode O to M (sending files via FTP on
Sam's FTP-server) and some unknow lines in T on 705.8 and 706.3.
But we have the large QRM from Rus LF broadcasting (243KHz and abt 500KW)
and Loran's QRM from ????
QRM-lines: 137.70515, 137.7055

We have the very bad local Internet - very slow and astable.
Basically  we  have  an  opportunity to use DX-cluster via compact and
quik TELNET.
The night has gone snow and temperature was lowered up to -12 degrees C
Strong wind

MAR 17
We have made ground system for TX aerial - with 100w output from PA
the current in ANT is abt 1.8-2A.
After abt 14z we begin to give a beacon for ZLs.
Sam RN6BN begins us to recept one hour prior to him Sunset in QRSS60.
After our beacon on RX we look O FB RU6LWZ in QRSS60 and we begin with
them QSO. But after 19z propagation is down to M/T
Complete on a QSO format we have no time to be finished QSO(we do not
receive the full report and SK(EE) from RU6LWZ) - Sunrise in 2125z

I have no good access to the Internet - therefore mine temporary
e-mail now:  [email protected]

Complete QSO Format for very slow QRSS:
1   UATLE E         (UA0LE tx abt 137.7895) Full callsign
2   RU6LWZ E        (RU6LWZ tx) Full callsign
3   RU6LWZ O E      (UA0LE tx) O report to RU6LWZ
4   LE RO M E       (RU6LWZ tx) Confirm O and M report to UA0LE
5   LWZ RM EE       (UA0LE tx) Confirm from UA0LE and UA0LE sign off
6   LE EE           (RU6LWZ tx) RU6LWZ sign off

73! Ed RU6LA/0  [email protected]

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