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LF: Re: Security checks

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Subject: LF: Re: Security checks
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Date: Wed, 19 Nov 2003 18:27:58 EST
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In a message dated 11/19/03 9:40:15 PM GMT Standard Time, [email protected] writes:

Can these machines tell the difference between a metal box of components,
such as a rig, ATU or PSU and a solid block of a CW key?
I was more concerned about weight (as the XYL seemed to want to pack her
entire wardrobe) so I used a lightweight CW paddle that was fixed to a
clipboard that contained all the amateur radio papers.
I put all my ham radio gear into a separate small case which I never saw
again until it reluctantly appeared at baggage reclaim. I carried my laptop
and antenna mast (fibre glass telescopic roach pole, used as a walking
stick) as hand luggage. I specifically asked that the laptop didn't go
through the xray machine so that was the only item that got looked at.

Peter G3LDO

Hello Peter.

I once travelled to Sri Lanka on the same flight as their Prime Minister. (Although he was at the front and I wasn't)
My luggage got a very thorough going over and I was called to security to explain the Image of an Ameritron valve linear. The security personel let me look at the monitor and asked for details. Any metal panels even 2 or 3mm thick were translucent and the electronics could be seen clearly inside the box. The problem seemed to be anything that appeared impervious to the low level X-rays employed in the machines. The solid base of my Bencher always gets the 'third degree' and on the Sri-Lanka flight the thick coils used in the tank coil were totally 'black'  and caused concern. On a flight to Washington I took a Decca transmitter over to Andre N4ICK. Although it was too large to put on the little weighing machine at the Heathrow check in, the security check was brief as the detail of the decca construction could be seen quite clearly and they were happy.

Next spring I'm off to operate 3B9C. Fortunately all the equipment is being shipped by sea months in advance. No tricky moments on that trip, either with security or trying stand upright trying to hold a 50lb piece of hand luggage as though it contains a pair of shorts and a bottle of suntan lotion!


David   G0MRF
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