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LF: Re: UA, YU & G from SP

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Subject: LF: Re: UA, YU & G from SP
From: "Lech Laszkiewicz" <[email protected]>
Date: Mon, 13 Oct 2003 14:04:27 +0100
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Ja uzywam FT990 napendzania LF i do odbioru od cztertech lat. Do nadawania
dziele 136MHz przez 100 (z bardzo latwa modification do FT990). Caly opis
tego byl w G3LDO ksiazeczce. Podaj mi Twoj adres pocztowy to ci wysle
szczeguly i shematy plytki dzielnika przez 100 itd.
73 de G3KAU  Lech
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From: "Marek Przybyszewski" <[email protected]>
To: <[email protected]>
Sent: Saturday, October 11, 2003 2:46 AM
Subject: LF: UA, YU & G from SP

Dear all,

It was a nice evening - three new countries worked:

22:28z         RU6LA  1383km M/O @3s dots
22:46z & 23:41 YU7AR   704km O/O @3s dots
01:00z         M0BMU  1467km M/M @10s dots

A few minutes before getting on-air, I finished changing the
output trafo - now there are two cores sticked together, as for
the ouput power I am using now, one core is not enough - gets
HOT quickly. 12A & 38V, so around 400W has been put into the
antenna. Antenna current was around 1.5A. Still not much, but
enough. The TX has been totally rebuilt since my first QSO with
SM6PXJ, now there's a nice metal case and almost everything is
well-mounted. Almost everything - the RX preamp still uses a
double-sided scotch tape and it fell down during the last QSO :)
What a shame, I have to change the preamp board, cause it was
not designed to be mounted using screws or something HI

I must say I AM SORRY to everyone that might have been
interfered by my poor VCO, sweeping here and there +/-30Hz. The
previous VXO was better as for the stability, but it used to
stop generating sometimes and this might have caused serious
damage to the output FETs... Anyway, I will look for another
signal source.

Thanks to everyone, I will try to be on-air tomorrow evening

vy 73! Marek SQ5BPM
SP5ZCC Scouts Radio Club

Wojna jest pieklem, a pokój jest cholernie nudny - "Buffalo Soldiers"
- juz w kinach!!! < >

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