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LF: Requium, SAQ et al.

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Subject: LF: Requium, SAQ et al.
From: "Ian Kyle" <[email protected]>
Date: Tue, 1 Jul 2003 13:05:25 +0100
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There are certainly some oddities about LF and VLF. Reading about all the
'NIL' reports makes me wonder what happened on Sunday morning.

Because I had never heard SAQ I got my Datong convertor back from GI3NYJ
(the other GI 73KHz NOV holder who never got active) to see what could be

Although I had everything 'wound up tight' for 73KHz ,  6500pF of silver
mica was clipped across the loading coil and the antenna feed taken to the
Datong working into the FT707 with a 500Hz filter. The noise and QRN was
peaking S9 and I left the setup running while having a delayed breakfast in
in the kitchen. Imagine my surprise when at 0820 I heard 'V..V..V' and then
the SAQ identifier. Adjustments were made and at the time of the message
start the signal was well up over the noise and was Q5 copy - just my Morse
was too rusty to copy  all the message and things were reset for 73 KHz.
For the 1030 transmission I simply transferred the 73KHz antenna lead from
the 850 to the Datong, and the signal was still Q5 copy although down an S
point or two. However the noise was down even more so the results were very
satisfactory. I did not listen to all this transmission, or to any
subsequent ones so cannot comment.
This experience runs counter to the reports from around Europe but squares
pretty tolerably with what Mal reported.

Ducting??  ;-))

Sorry I had to cut and run last night but  when these fatigue attacks strike
there's only one thing for it.
Am particularly happy for Mike and Peter that things worked out that they
were the last as well as the first.

It has been great fun even when hair tearing, and I have decided to leave
the 'cats cradle' in the air through the winter season and do a bit of
even tho' 73 was always the target.

My thanks to all for the unstinting help and encouragement that took me
through the dark bits and made it all so enjoyable.



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