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LF: Xray event X1.3 27th 2300 utc

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Subject: LF: Xray event X1.3 27th 2300 utc
From: "Simon Lewis" <[email protected]>
Date: Wed, 28 May 2003 10:10:44 +0100
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And caused a nice aurora over here on 6m band!

Condx still disturbed.

This gives the latest GM magnetometer readings!

Downward drift caused by temp changes in my fluxgate magnetometer

Condx expected to be turbulent over the next week!


Simon GM4PLM

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Subject: LF: Xray event X1.3 27th 2300 utc

According to IPS an Xray event  started @ 2259, peaked at 2309 and appx
ended 2344 27th

This was first time Ive correlated an X ray event with a rapid increase
of signal from Europe.(But to be honest I haven't seen a large Xray
event since I started listening from here) This produced a bad fade out
of HF sigs over here...

DCF39 became  visible signal starting around 2308  some 9 mins after
the start of the event and stayed visible  for 22 mins before
(2320) No returns were seen from VO1NA and Mitch MP beacon signals at
this time. Another detection was seen at 0026 28th and lasted a longer
36 mins. Spread was 0.2Hz and signals were weak peaking around -133dBm
(50 ohms)

There may have been other shots between these periods but I have a bad

Argo dot 60 was used here. and click on the event on
the header to see the Argo shot

Other manifestations of DCF39 have been 27th May 2003   1304 for 8 mins
                                  1337 for 7 mins

Cheers Laurence KL1X Anchorage - hey at least I know the receivers are
still working~!

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