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Re: LF: DBF39 Spike at 14:00

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Subject: Re: LF: DBF39 Spike at 14:00
From: "Dexter McIntyre W4DEX" <[email protected]>
Date: Sun, 02 Feb 2003 22:32:22 +0000
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I noticed that myself and wondered about the possibility all day
yesterday.  The timing is just right.  But after looking at the text
data time stamp I now believe that spike may be due to exiting and
restarting SpecLab.  I have been tweaking the sound card sampling rate
in order to get the time stamp correct.  I guess I need to see if I can
duplicate this spike to confirm this theory.

The spike can be seen at:

Text data for this period is at:


[email protected] wrote:
Dear LF group,

Dexter has recorded a short and very unusual peak in yesterday's DBF39
fieldstrength logs:

Could that be related to the terrible Columbia accident?

Markus, DF6NM

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