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RE: LF: someone else infected??

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Subject: RE: LF: someone else infected??
From: [email protected]
Date: Tue, 4 Feb 2003 16:10:47 +0100
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Thread-topic: LF: someone else infected??
A good idea, but you may very well use MailWasher and delete all sorts of rubbish and spam on the server
Jan-Martin LA8AK

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From: Andre Kesteloot [mailto:[email protected]]

[email protected] wrote:
> Hi Alan,
> Unfortunately, with today's worms and viruses, the apparent source of an
> e-mail is not necessarily where it originated.  I've been infected a
> couple of times, apparently from sources that the virus copied from my
> directory and that turned out to have nothing to do with it.  Best thing
> to do is simply to purge the virus and not to worry about where it says
> it came from.

Even better is to stop using Microsoft Outlook and/or Microsoft Internet
Explorer, and adopt something like Netscape 7 (free download) in its stead :-)

André N4ICK

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