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Re: LF: Eu/Alaska

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Subject: Re: LF: Eu/Alaska
From: "Laurence J Howell" <[email protected]>
Date: Mon, 17 Feb 2003 13:10:37 -0900
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Fine Peter - have a look at this. Lets hope condx stay good.

Echolink - one of the new IP based radio communication tools   - you can download from there

Basically using a radio thru a local "node" often simplex two/432/70 Mhz
gateways to communicate via the IP network other hams/pc's
repeaters...or direct PC to PC via dial up/cable to get to other repeaters
(GB3IE/BC or what ever) or ham links, such as G4FKK-L  (martins 4m link in
south london) You need a PC/laptop, a dial up cable connection speak and
microphone and away you go...and you have be a licensed ham to use it as it
connects to transmitters....

Its very intuitive, "conferencable" piece of freeware and is windows based
- so you can have many people on one "circuit" - I use it a lot not to chat
to people, but to join in with working group conferences on specific
topics, such as LF/VHF prop/Antennae etc. But its a great voice
communications tool when doing experimentation and gives good point to
point voice contact without using a telephone.....some people think its
dilution of ham radio, but like ARGO etc I see it as yet another tool in
the evolution of research :

I think Ive passed this on already but follow this link to look at my
ionosphere and geomag...

My tower work has been delayed due it its being Presidents day and -15c but
Ill be on a monitoring again this evening.

Have a great evening,


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