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LF: IK5ZPV/ G3GR0 PSK31 14Mhz [Off Subject]

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Subject: LF: IK5ZPV/ G3GR0 PSK31 14Mhz [Off Subject]
From: "Derek Atter" <[email protected]>
Date: Wed, 19 Feb 2003 15:00:48 -0000
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Hello Valerio,

Many thanks for your call on PSK31 mode yesterday on 14Mhz. I had just
completed my 1st QSO on PSK31 with a local station who was helping me to
configure the system via a 2m talk-back link.

The14Mhz band was closing and although you were a good signal when you first
called, you then faded in QSB right down into the noise after your second
transmission.  I think that you said that it was also only your 3rd QSO on
I have not been QRV on 136Khz or the HF bands until recently due to storm
damage to my antenna system - a large tree holding up one end of my 60m
inverted L antenna fell down in the storm also taking down the mast holding
the other end of the antenna with it because the hard-drawn copper antenna
wire did not break under the strain. The antenna sytem has now been
re-built and I am active again.  Hope to see you soon again on HF or 136Khz.

                           Vy 73  de  Derek Atter  G3GRO

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