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LF: Again on the E - Field Antenna.

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Subject: LF: Again on the E - Field Antenna.
From: "Giulio Scaroni" <[email protected]>
Date: Mon, 26 Aug 2002 00:14:35 +0200
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Hi to all,
i have received by Crystalonics the CP666 High Performance FET for the AMRAD E Field Antenna, so in this weekend i have realized it.
The first impression is that i can't believe that with a 1 meters long whip was possible listen from the DC to up 30 MHZ, an outstanding design!!!!!!
Compared here with my big magnetic loop in 160/80/40 ( 4 meters dia.) is about the same, a little better is the magloop for high angle, on higher band is really better than my little magloop on the DX.
In LF i can hear signal from 12 Khz, where i listen Omega and Alpha also signal i think, in 136 this morning i have recorded I5TGC with DF6NM in dfcw, with Amrad antenna DF6NM was T/O, with my ferrite antenna with fet pre nothing!!
The 2 antenna are at about 8 meters high on my roof at a distance one from the other about 10 meters, so for my first impression is the antenna work very well, and the Crystalonics fet is really very good, no presence of intermodulation at the output of the pre with my EKD300 receiver, while with my IC738, there is some IMD on 160, the limiting factor is the receiver!!!!
So, i agree at 100% with all the impression wrote by Derek Atter, G3GRO about this antenna.
Again, the ferrite antenna is much vulnerable with magnetic man made signal, local signal very high on the ferrite disappear on the vertical whip, incredible.
I have ordered 15 pieces of this FET, 10 are for I2PHD Alberto, may be that him want to made a 136 khz four square array??? hi hi hi.
73 to all the IK2DED Giulio Scaroni.
Ahh, without a good ground connection near the whip the antenna is so noisy that a piece of random wire in the shack is better!!
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