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Re: LF: Again on the E - Field Antenna.

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Subject: Re: LF: Again on the E - Field Antenna.
From: "BOB RIESE" <[email protected]>
Date: Sun, 15 Sep 2002 16:26:52 -0400
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On Mon, 26 Aug 2002 00:14:35 +0200 "Giulio Scaroni" <[email protected]>
Hi to all,
i have received by Crystalonics the CP666 High Performance FET for the AMRAD E Field Antenna, so in this weekend i have realized it. The first impression is that i can't believe that with a 1 meters long whip was possible listen from the DC to up 30 MHZ, an outstanding design!!!!!!

.Ahh, without a good ground connection near the whip the antenna is so
noisy that a piece of random wire in the shack is better!!

And the ground is the thing , Last year at a temp location a short piece
copper pipe 18 inches was all it needed to quiet down. At its newer spot
looking forward to a good listening year. Has survived some good thunder
as well so the FET is pretty rugged
73 to all the IK2DED Giulio Scaroni

Good Luck

Bob  K3DJC

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