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Re: LF: the bucket

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Subject: Re: LF: the bucket
From: "Hans-Albrecht Haffa" <[email protected]>
Date: Wed, 25 Sep 2002 16:29:01 +0200
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Lieber Uwe, schick diesen Beitrag mit Bild doch auf Deutsch an die Redaktion von cq-DL oder an Geri ,DK 
8 KW, der die LW-Seite im "Funkamateur" betreut.  CWIMEIMER wurde als neue Betriebsart schon 
einmal vorgestellt, Langwelle im Eimer kennen bisher nur wir  als Insider. Die Eimerstapelspule ist 
für den Fieldday viel einfacher zu transportieren als die 1,30m-Kanalrohr-Lösung, zumindest 
wenn man seine Bandscheiben spürt.


NOTE for the foreign reader: I asked Uwe to publish this in a German 
Club-Magazine and a Ham-Radio Magazine.

[email protected] schrieb am 24.09.02 23:43:40:
Hi all, I discovered a stable 30-litre-bucket in our garden. material: PVC. color: black. however vy soiled with a mixture of garden earth and chicken excrement. after cleaning it was wound immediately with 25 turns 3mm litze, fixed over a guide roller to the axle of an misused antenna rotor and sunked in a with 76 turns wounded piece of channel pipe (see attachment). there the call of my XYL came: "have you seen my garden bucket?" answer:" I did help it to a better existence. come and see!" she came into the shack, looked and said with unusually loud voice: "the bucket is snatched from its used surroundings , it is approaching an existence in a roasting tube, it doesn't see the sun any longer and doesn't feel the rain no longer and no longer it is carried by me. that should be a better existence for my garden bucket? that is absolute nonsense." logic of a woman. my foult was the hedged answer. I gave the bucket back.
how would you have decided?



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