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LF: Best receiver for LF, and qrss activity.

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Subject: LF: Best receiver for LF, and qrss activity.
From: "Giulio Scaroni" <[email protected]>
Date: Sun, 13 Jan 2002 02:39:27 +0100
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The next weekend here in my city there is the our local hamfest, so is the good time for buy some surplus receiver for the LF.
I'm currently using my IC775 on LF, with an external power supply, and it is a very good receiver on LF, the opposite sideband with a signal of 9+50 is not audible!!and sensitivity is quite good.
But i cannot go all the time with this situation, 775 without cover, no possibility to go on tx, so i need some LF receiver.
I'm loocking for the following equipment.
Racal 1792
RFT EDK series, 100-300-500
JRC NRD 525/535
Becouse this receivers are made in late 80, wich is the best in terms of dinamic range, IMD, phase noise and sensitivity, in LF band, or is better my 775!!!
73 to all from IK2DED.
NB Why the activity on 137 is so low in QRSS and digital?
And wich is the best digital mode for LF?
After some test with Jason, no one station is using this mode now, in qrss/digital the activity seems very very low, all the station is on 136.5 in aural cw.
For the station that is located in Central Europe and south UK, this may be a good mode, but this not help the activity in other country, like CT - SP - F - south I - former YU and former UA, with aural cw yes is possible to made a very long qso also, but only with bigger station and antenna, like i have tried in my contest station in Mantova, but how many of us are in this condition???
We may count it on two hand, not more than ten!!
So i hope really more activity on qrss, digital, for help all the average station, in all the Europe.
Use the 137 only on aural cw, for my opinion, is very restrictive, and produce newcomers on the band only from the Central Europe!
For digital, like many of us are using PA in class D, the mode like PSK, Hell are not usable with this class without more complexity in transmitter ( i have received saturday DF6NM and I5TGC in Hell, really funny read the letters on the screen), so the best may be the IFK (like Jason), that is perfectly usable with class D, that all we have.
Any opinion?
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