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LF: Re: RE: Re: Trees as antenna supports

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Subject: LF: Re: RE: Re: Trees as antenna supports
From: "HighGain" <[email protected]>
Date: Tue, 12 Mar 2002 16:08:58 -0000
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Hi Bill,
Oh yea it works Bill. I got a whole bunch of trees here. And I have managed
to get the weight and line over trees in excess of 100 Foot Bill. Unless you
are talking about wall to wall trees. It's amazing how little room you need
to make a vertical cast. Basically the length of the rod. So if you have
trees that are closer than that. Then I do not rate your chances. Of even
using a Sling shot and getting it by all the branches ? That would be like
almost impossible to get the correct angle over the top. You are looking for
a slightly diagonal shot at it. And that's why the fishing rod is excellent.
The problem with the sling shot is you can not use a heavy enough weight.
That will make the line travel down to ground once hitched on the top of the
tree..... Trees that are over 60 foot or more ? So any way try it you will
be surprised, even in dense forest. Unless of course your trees that you
used are 60 feet or less. I am talking about trees in excess of 100 foot.
Anyway I think that this topic has got to a stage of stupidity now. Better
that common sense prevails ?

Regards & Best Wishes

Subject: LF: RE: Re: Trees as antenna supports

Hi Roy,

Don't think a fishing rod would work too well if you were standing in the
middle of a forest and had only a small opening in the branches, overhead,
to shoot a projectile through. I used to think that placing a loop wire in
this situation would be impossible; not now.

Bill A

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