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LF: RE: loop/update

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Subject: LF: RE: loop/update
From: "Ashlock,William" <[email protected]>
Date: Wed, 13 Mar 2002 00:18:24 -0500
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Inductance measured = 173 uH
DC resistance of loop wire plus coax feed 1.5 ohms.
Your DC resistance is WAY to high! Should be a fraction of an ohm. This is
because you have the coax in the circuit. The coupling transformer must be
located at the base of the loop.

Loop resonated on 136 khz, parallel configuration 1502 pf needed.
Way too low. Your coax capacity is a good part of this. Use series resonance
at the transformer secondary, not in the shack. The capacitor should be in
the neighborhood of 0.01uf.

Gain measured at receiver without antenna and antenna connected = 30 db
approx. Gain difference measured on 136 khz between nonresonated loop and
resonated indicates 10 db advantage by resonating.
Should be much higher. Common shape up! <G>

Bill A

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