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LF: Fwd: HAARP...

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Subject: LF: Fwd: HAARP...
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Date: Sat, 16 Mar 2002 12:16:16 -0000
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The HAARP project in Alaska will be performing their VLF injection campaign
from March 15-28th.  Transmissions will be on frequencies around 3200, 3300,
and 5800 kHz.  Transmissions will start at 1900 Alaska time (0400 UTC) and
lasting about 10 hours.

What kind of signals to look out for:

3.2 MHz: 12.5 Hz on/off keying 50 % duty cycle
3.3 MHz and 5.8 MHz: sinusoidal modulation with the following frequencies;
1225 Hz, 1875 Hz, 2125 Hz, 2375 Hz, 3365 Hz. At these two frequencies, there
will also be chirp transmissions.

The HAARP website is:
Regards & Best Wishes

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