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LF: TX Loop antenna conductors

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Subject: LF: TX Loop antenna conductors
From: "Ashlock,William" <[email protected]>
Date: Sat, 16 Mar 2002 15:32:42 -0500
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I get a bit perturbed when I see comparisons of various loop conductors
using Rdc values since the 'skin effect' within the conductors causes the
Rac to be much higher at the frequencies we use.

To prove the point, I calculated the 'skin effect' of two different loop
conductors. For #12  (2.05mm) at 185k the Rac/Rdc came out to 3 and for #8
(3.26mm) the Rac/Rdc was 5.  Even though the Rdc for #8 is over 2.5 times
lower than #12 for the same length, the Rac is only about 35% lower. This
amounts to  a mere 2.6db signal improvement, assuming no soil loss. With
typical soil loss factored in, the signal improvement would be less than 2.2
db. Bill A
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