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LF: 1-st Russian LF DX-pedition #1

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Subject: LF: 1-st Russian LF DX-pedition #1
From: "Ed Lesnichy" <[email protected]>
Date: Tue, 26 Mar 2002 23:09:34 +0300
Organization: Ed Lesnichy
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Hellow LF Group.

As already informed Giri DK8KW abt 1-st Russian LF DX-pedition:

RU6LA "... and UA6LV are preparing the first Russian DX-pedition on LF,
they intend to be QRV during the WPX contest weekend March 30-31, 2002,
using a 135 m high antenna tower with 100 Watts output. His QTH is near
Taganrog/Russia, the locator is KN97LN."

For today (26 mar, 20z) I can inform the following:
- main "weapon" of DX-pedition - big LF ant - yet did not manage to be
 mounted the ant on 135? because of the extremely adverse weather.
- since Wednesday the wind should abate, therefore since tomorrow's day
 we shall try to mount the LF ant
 Weather  in KN97L can be looked on - click on icon "Weather
 in Tagangog". Though there and in russian, but I think what to
 understand it is possible. Force of a wind (in m/sec) is the second
 from below, dates - above (night-violet, morning - red, day - yellow,
 evening - green)
- there were some more small technical problems on the equipment, but
 hope we of them we shall decide successfully
- in time DX-pedition we shall have DX-cluster (call RU6LA or UA6LV) AR-cluster , or CLX-cluster
- our equipments: band-pass filter(-40db w-4kc)+TS-850, PA-100w output
 I assume also to use Beverage (1100m long and 2m Up)
- will try in QRSS around 137.700 kHz (3 second dots), and it is
 possible CW if there will be in the order a reception

As we novice in LF (yet did not see on ARGO any LF-signals), are possible
some overlays in TX/RX - you do not judge us too strictly  ;-)))
Our gratitude to all who helped us in preparation DX-pedition, in
understanding LF-philosophy and techinics (RA9MB, DK8KW, OM2TW, I2PHD,
After ending DX-pedition I assume to place the report on it on

Widely I open eyes on anyone HAM's signals in LF  ;-)))

73! Ed RU6LA             mailto:[email protected]

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