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LF: DX Cluster spots for Sept 29/30th at GB7DXM

To: "LF-Group" <[email protected]>
Subject: LF: DX Cluster spots for Sept 29/30th at GB7DXM
From: "Alan Melia" <[email protected]>
Date: Mon, 1 Oct 2001 00:38:36 +0100
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Sender: <[email protected]>
Hi all, there was quite a lot of activity this weekendand it seems there
were some new stations to be 'winkled out'. I am particularly interested in
the proagation conditions this weekend. Mal posted to say that it was good
on Saturday. There was a small (M2.0) X ray flare at about 1100z which
lasted for a few minutes, but I did not see an correlation in the strength
enhancement of DCF39 on Brian's plot for Saturday morning. However there was
possibly  another effect active.

We have noticed that after a geomagnetic storm, which injects ions into the
ionosphere, it is often possible to hear CFH (when active) in daytime. John
VE1ZJ has reported DCF39 being enhanced in daytime also during these events.
This effect last for the majority of the daylight hours not just a short
period as with an X-ray flare enhancement, where the signal profile closely
follows the X-ray flux profile. The level of this daytime enhancement never
reaches the normal night-time levels.  However conversly the nightime
signals are much reduced in strength from normal at this time.

I had not seriously considered the possibility of shorter distance effects
though I have discussed it with Steve GW4ALG. Brian's Saturday 29th morning
plot for DCF39 shows a distictly higher level than normal (6 to 10 DB) with
a strange sharp fade at one point ( there are normally no fades of this kind
on the daytime plot). The night-time signal is about 10dB below average. It
would seem that the ion injection during a magnetic storm can produce useful
daytime signal enhacements at inter European distances due to daytime
'skywave' (say single hop).  This occurs not less than three days and more
usually 4 days after a storm (shown by a Kp index or 5 or above). The effect
can continue for several days before it dies away, and may be bolstered by
further storms. The length of time enhancement persists seems to be
dependent upon the violence of the storm (enhancement will occur for many
days after a Kp value of 8 or 9). Unfortunately for those of us in close
proximity to stations like DCF39 we cannot use them as indicators. One needs
to be at a distance where there is a substantial difference between daytime
and night-time strengths of the chosen beacon station. This ensures that
there is a substantial ionosperic wave component. In the case of DCF39 this
probably means 1500kms or more (Brian is 1950 kms)

My conclusion....maybe this was a good propagation day (or two)...maybe we
should watch out for them in future.

Unfortunaely the noise level was quite high this weekend and I heard Mal on
Sunday struggling to pull through DJ1NL, I could see the trace and detect an
audible signal but could not read it at all for weak background TV qrm
signal almost on the frequency. It seems from the listing below, Mal didn't
quite make it as it would seem to be DJ1RL he was working. I believe these
are signals that may have been slightly enhanced. I also saw a DFCW signal
from DF8ZR at 0800z on Sunday at 'O', and saw Markus on DFCW who may have
been working Rich, but I saw no trace of Rich on FFTDSP4 and did not have
time to start up the machine with Argo installed.

Cluster spots follow....
  136.5  PA0BWL      30-Sep-2001 1413Z  in QSO F6BWO <dj1yfk>
  137.0  DL3FDO      30-Sep-2001 1340Z  clg F6BWO <dl6sn>
  137.0  DL3FDO      30-Sep-2001 1341Z  clg F6BWO
  137.0  F6BWO       30-Sep-2001 1339Z  <dl6sn>
  137.0  F6BWO       30-Sep-2001 1340Z
  136.5  G3KEV       30-Sep-2001 1318Z  DJ1RL calling him <dj1yfk>
  136.5  G3KEV       30-Sep-2001 1319Z  DJ1RL calling him
  136.6  OK1FIG      30-Sep-2001 1053Z  cq <dl6sn>
  136.6  OK1FIG      30-Sep-2001 1053Z  cq
  137.6  DF6NM       30-Sep-2001 1049Z  clg OM2TW in DFCW <dl6sn>
  137.6  DF6NM       30-Sep-2001 1050Z  clg OM2TW in DFCW
  137.6  OM2TW       30-Sep-2001 1039Z  cq qrss 137.580 kHz
  136.8  DJ7RD       30-Sep-2001 0929Z
  136.8  DL3FDO      30-Sep-2001 0916Z  in qso OM5CW
  136.7  OM5CW       30-Sep-2001 0900Z  hr signal like a "M.nk."
  136.7  OM2TW       30-Sep-2001 0854Z  & om5cw;& Low Frq.meetinG
  136.7  OZ1KMR      30-Sep-2001 0850Z  in qso OM2TW
  136.5  DK7SU       30-Sep-2001 0845Z  cq
  136.8  DK6NI       30-Sep-2001 0828Z  clg OM2TW
  137.7  DF8ZR       30-Sep-2001 0802Z  CQ  in DFCW
  136.6  OK1FIG      30-Sep-2001 0727Z  cq
  136.6  DK7SU       30-Sep-2001 0723Z  clg OK1FIG
  137.6  OM5CW       30-Sep-2001 0722Z  cq
  136.7  YO2IS       30-Sep-2001 0703Z  cq
  136.5  OK1FIG      30-Sep-2001 0639Z
  136.7  OM2TW       30-Sep-2001 0555Z
  136.6  OM5CW       29-Sep-2001 1742Z  cq
  136.5  OM5CW       29-Sep-2001 1549Z  CQ
  137.6  OM2TW       29-Sep-2001 1453Z  cq qrss
  136.8  OM2TW       29-Sep-2001 1423Z  cq
  137.7  DF6NM       29-Sep-2001 1419Z  cq qrss
  136.5  DF0WD       29-Sep-2001 1309Z  vy loud, jo42fd(->jo32qg
  136.5  DJ7RD       29-Sep-2001 1223Z  clg G3KEV
  136.7  EI0CF       29-Sep-2001 1147Z  sri vy vy weak
  136.6  G3YXM       29-Sep-2001 1119Z  solid copy
  136.8  OM2TW       29-Sep-2001 1114Z  now hr gd copy- sri  Rich
  136.4  DJ7RD       29-Sep-2001 1046Z  in qso F6BWO
  136.6  OM2TW       29-Sep-2001 1030Z  loud  cq cq
  137.0  DK7SU       29-Sep-2001 1025Z  a new one on LF
  136.6  DL3FDO      29-Sep-2001 0815Z  clg OK1FIG
  136.6  OK1FIG      29-Sep-2001 0805Z
  136.5  G3KEV       28-Sep-2001 1600Z  in QSO with ei0cf
  136.6  DL3FDO      27-Sep-2001 1641Z  cq
  136.6  DL3FDO      24-Sep-2001 1603Z  weak but readably cq
  136.6  WHO         23-Sep-2001 1326Z  station CQing, but too weak
  136.6  ON5ND       23-Sep-2001 1226Z  loud, cq cq
  136.7  G3KEV       23-Sep-2001 1159Z  cq cq
  136.8  OM2TW       23-Sep-2001 1137Z
  136.6  DL3FDO      23-Sep-2001 1129Z  clg OM2TW
  136.4  EI0CF       23-Sep-2001 1059Z  wkg G3AQC
  136.6  LX1UN       22-Sep-2001 1931Z
G3NYK de GB7MRS 30-Sep-2001 0927Z >

There are some interesting new calls in there I see.

Cheers all and Good DX de Alan G3NYK    JO02PB
[email protected]

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