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LF: Re: MB2HFC and weekend report

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Subject: LF: Re: MB2HFC and weekend report
From: "Walter" <[email protected]>
Date: Sun, 14 Oct 2001 17:32:23 +0200
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Hello Wolf and All,
   some additional info about the working conditions of DK3GH - he is living 9Km apart:
He has only 12watts out from a two-tubes transmitter (EL84 and LS50), but his 40meters long wire is up 50meters(!) on the top of a 16-floor apartment house, where he lives. And he looks far down to the 110kV-high-voltage-line. A dream.  Sri Ralph is not on the reflektor.
73 Walter DJ2LF
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Datum: Sonntag, 14. Oktober 2001 14:29
Betreff: LF: MB2HFC and weekend report

Hello group,
I hard MB2HFC on saturday and sunday with good signal, but got no reply.
I guess the 136kHz->144MHz transponder has the same problem as some AmSat's, suffering from very strong "inband" signals as they were present this weekend.
Anyway, was nice to listen to a lot of QSOs going on. Heard but not worked:
OH1TN (549), EI0CF(439 in local QRM), MB2HFC(559), G3YXM(589).

Worked for the first time: DK3GH in southern DL, loc JN59, 449 in local QRM (would otherwise have been perfect copy). Thanks Ralph if you are on this reflector.

Also thanks to the Crawley guys and all at the LF(!) meeting to trigger some activities on the band. I will try again later today, but the QRN is already on its way. It is unusually warm for the season here, 22 deg C and very humid. Thunderstorms on the way, static crashes on 137 kHz already audible at 11:00 UTC.

Best wishes, have a nice Sunday.
 Wolf  DL4YHF (operating from DF0WD in JO42FD, max 100mW ERP).
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