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Re: LF: Tx stability

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Subject: Re: LF: Tx stability
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Date: Sat, 20 Oct 2001 09:54:12 +0100
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Stewart Bryant wrote:

> It is great to live north of Watford where we have freedom of speech and
> expression and plenty of real estate for real LF antenna experimentation and 
> abundance of MERCEDES BENZ to drive on roads still uncongested.

... and where your transmitter can wander all over the band when you
make your first transmission of the day.

Since the LF/VHF repeater link was installed down south, there are a number of
strange transmissions taking place as reported on here. eg some one sending 
letters etc others  no doubt will be dabbling just to hear their own signal on 
vhf. I
have heard come carriers swishing across the band lately and others tuning up I
assume with auto dots etc
This is probably what you are hearing. When I make adjustments with my system I 
use a
very low power tracking osc microwatts and its unlikely that you would hear it 
at the
If the signal that you are hearing is loud then it will probably be local to 
you. I
dont send dots either.
I expect with newcomers to the band and those old timers returning there will 
be a
certain amount of adjustments needed like tuning carriers, swishing, dotting and
nervous fingers on keys. Dont let it get you down.
Try a spectrum analysis and see where these unstable carriers eventually settle 
get a positive result then let us all know. Until then be careful who you 
I think someone on here did suggest that there could be a person/persons 
about with old BK audio amps and sig generators on 136 khz. Maybe they want to 
themselves on the new LF/VHF repeater link.

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