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LF: Propagation

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Subject: LF: Propagation
From: "Alan Melia" <[email protected]>
Date: Wed, 24 Oct 2001 00:46:39 +0100
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Hi all, another CME and Geomagnetic storm is on the way, so possibly more
aurora. Finbar reports hearing a 'roaring sound' on 136 when the 'streamers'
were overhead a few weeks back. I have heard noises like DIY QRM myself at
night over the last weekend, but have not been able to relate this with
aurora as I have had thick cloud on all events that would have reached this
far south.

Dave G3YMC was pleased (I think!) to work Finbar this morning, which must
enhance Dave's DX distance on 136 somewhat. At the same time neither I, nor
Mike GW4HXO could hear Dave. I don't think the orientation of Dave's loop
favours us.  At about the time of this qso I had a high pitched note in the
RX (SSB BW) and noted that I had a strong carrier on 135.450 sending
DCF-like data burst which were just above 136.0. The 'idle' frequency is
some way down the skirt of my IF filter so it must have been quite strong.
By about 1100z it was almost undetectable. So it looks like there may have
been some enhanced propagation helping Dave's microwatts up to Malin. Its a
bit like winning the lottery to catch it like that..... well done Dave. I
have looked to see a cause and can't really find anything I can put my
finger on. There does not seem to have been a significant X-ray flare at
about that time (0930-1000z).... it is between a C6.0 and a couple of C4.0
flares, but there is also a significant ongoing proton event.

The following from spaceweather...........
Space Weather News for October 23, 2001

A strong geomagnetic storm that spawned a vivid display of Northern Lights
on Oct. 21st and 22nd is subsiding -- but another storm could begin soon.
A pair of solar explosions on Oct. 22nd hurled coronal mass ejections
toward Earth.  The expanding clouds will likely sweep past our planet on
Oct. 24th or 25th and trigger a new round of geomagnetic activity.  Visit for details and to view pictures from a growing gallery
of this week's sky show.

It looks like daytime (0900-1600z) towards the end of the week and next
weekend could be quite rewarding, but it does not bode too well for
night-time levels or any really long distance (> 4000kms) propagation.

Good Hunting and Cheers de Alan G3NYK
[email protected]

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