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Re: LF: What is it?

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Subject: Re: LF: What is it?
From: "gii3kev" <[email protected]>
Date: Sat, 27 Oct 2001 18:09:13 +0100
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Stewart Bryant wrote:


gii3kev wrote:


Walter Blanchard wrote:

 At 08:17 26/10/01 Friday, G3YMC wrote:
................................................................................ Ideally these
transmissions should be in the 'test' area of the agreed band plan below 136.0.

Problem is I'm using the MB7LF relay for seeing what happens and
it doesn't relay sigs below 136 very well (pace Derek!).

I did say it would turn out to be a plaything for some!!!!!!!!!! What does G3GRO and his buddies think now?????? certainly not what they said it was for, not to mention the RSGB licence holder and the RA.
1)  I am the person responsible to the RA for the correct operation of this system, and
not G3GRO. Any finger pointing should be directed at me and not at him
I will then point the finger. By his own admission on a message here he admits to using a wobbly signal generator, hence an unstable signal, and wonders what it sounds like when he plays via the repeater/rx relay. Instablilty and unstable transmissions have never been acceptable by the RA.
This signal and the wobbly signals dots that you heard a short time ago are probably one in the same thing and not coming from me as you SAID. I have been active all week and over the week end and await the spectrogram that you promised of my signal. This afternoon I also heard G4C.. testing and tuning up and sending a string of dots, looks like you are totally confused. Cannot remember when I heard your signal on LF, it seems that all the whingers about LF are not even capable of putting out a signal on the band. Maybe it is time that I had a word with the RA about what is really going on.
There is a silent majority about that knows exactly what is going on and one of these days the bubble could burst, when the majority point out to the the RA what is really happening, and it is certainly not for the benefit of the majority of LF amateurs throughout the UK.
Dont forget a lot of active LF amateurs are not using this media to express their opinions, however they are in contact with one another by telephone and private email.
Let me and others have your observations.

2) Technically pulling the system together was accomplished by G3GRO, and he
should be given full credit for that achievement.

3) The very first thing that the RA said to me when I approached them about this project
was that their goal was to encourage experimentation, and so I would expect them to be
pleased that it is encouraging just that.

4) The system is experimental and we know that it has limitations. The whole point of the
licience and the experiment is to learn how to build a better system.

Stewart G3YSX


The wobbly osc should be cured soon (why does an osc wobble when
it's got three buffers between it and the load?)

When are you going to come on and work all of us Walter?

When my Morse receive abilities are good enough to follow
25 wpm!  I haven't used Morse for 30 years.
(stand by for a blast from you-know-who)

Walter G3JKV

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