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LF: The CFA Antenna (again...)

To: [email protected]
Subject: LF: The CFA Antenna (again...)
From: "James Moritz" <[email protected]>
Date: Wed, 1 Aug 2001 17:26:35 +0000
Organization: University of Hertfordshire
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Sender: <[email protected]>
Dear LF Group,<br><br>Alberto wrote:<br>&gt;It seems that the CFA Antenna now has a new incarnation,<br>&gt;under the name 'EH Antenna'.<br><br>&gt;Look here : <u><?color><?param0000,8000,0000><br><br><br></u>Hmmmmm - very interesting - I can't wait to see the legal battle over patent infringements!<br><br>Cheers, Jim Moritz<br>73 de M0BMU<br><br><br>
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