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Re: LF: Alternative LCR meter.

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Subject: Re: LF: Alternative LCR meter.
From: "Dave Sergeant" <[email protected]>
Date: Sat, 4 Aug 2001 18:58:56 +0100
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Steve Rawlings wrote:
Alan G3NYK wrote:
I spotted an ad buried in the back of Radcom by Chevet Supplies Ltd at
Blackpool for a TENMA LCR meter  [. . . . .] good value at 44 including
vat and UK carriage.
Following Alan's comments, I decided to buy one too!
I've only just unpacked it, but initial results with the Tenma
Model 72-6634 are encouraging.
I just happened to spot in today's special offer sheet from CPC (01772 654455) 
they have this Tenma LCR meter on sale at UKP28.32 plus vat and carriage (free 
account holders over 30pounds).  Perhaps 'special offer' is misleading as their
current catalogue lists it at 27.02.  They also have some similar meters in 
catalogue, the Tenma is the cheapest of them, and they range up to an Avo one at

All these meters have a common feature - they are not optimised for low value
inductance and capacitance, even the Avo has 1nF and 1mH as its bottom full 
range.  The Almost All Digital Electronics LC meter ( is 
custom designed to measuring the sort of values we are interested.  It has a 
resolution of 0.01pF and 1nH which it displays quite happily when you null out 
strays!  Perhaps the accuracy down that low is a bit questionable though....

73s Dave G3YMC
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