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Re: LF: RE: <TECH> RA1792

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Subject: Re: LF: RE: <TECH> RA1792
From: "Brian Rogerson" <[email protected]>
Date: Mon, 06 Aug 2001 13:13:16 +0000
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Thank you to Alan, and to Andy and to Tracey and yes I would be interested in
the IEEE488 interface.  For those of you wondering, I was trying to cascade
the CW filter of my TS850 after the front end of the RA1792.  The intention
was do a narrow search and record as well as recording the full band, the
output of the aerial splitter was already occupied.  Q-Fiver with a BC
or other I think it was called, first saw it used in the QTH of Ken Alford,

Someone said that the RA1792 is easy to work on, it is, I do not think I have
ever seen another equipment as easy to access.  Yes the computer, module A6
is on the right and has a brand new RS battery.  I removed the module and
cleaned all the sliding contacts at the suggestion of the supplier and also
the pcb pads which sit on the pillars in the casting and since reassembling
there has been no more jumping but it is only five days and much too early
to rejoice.
When I found nothing coming out of J2 at 455 I thought the BNC must be there
for some reason and persisted and eventually identified DCF39 which confirmed
the 100KHz IF with the 2.2KHz BFO offset I was using.  I managed to "get" the
system working and in fact recorded Larry on Argo but at 30 sec dots because
I hadn't had time to calibrate the frequency.  The recording on SpecLab was
better and it is now on my web site after a bit of a  struggle with HTML.
I hope to have better luck with Argo tonight provided last night's propagation
wasn't a freak product of the CME and M class flares.

With thanks, Brian

At 09:30 06/08/01 +0100, you wrote:
All the RA1792s I have seen (admittedly all of the same vintage,
manufactured within a couple of years of 1981) use a 455kHz 2nd IF.  But
since they also only have 10Hz steps there is obviously a later version, so
it is possible later models could have a 100kHz output.

As for the random parameters junmping...   The Rx uses battery backed up RAM
for non volatile parameter storage, and the NiCd battery will eventually
give up, so you could try replacing this - they are cheap enough to just
try.  On the receivers I have seen, this it is mounted on a PCB  on the
right hand side of the chassis when you open up the top of the unit.  But I
suppose that over the years things could have changed and it could be on the
more difficult to get at front panel PCB.

Andy  G4JNT
73 Brian     CT1DRP     IN51QD     41 09 58N  08 39 11W

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