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LF: DX Cluster spots July /August

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Subject: LF: DX Cluster spots July /August
From: "Alan Melia" <[email protected]>
Date: Sun, 12 Aug 2001 19:58:42 +0100
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Hi all there has not been a lot posted to the DX Cluster in the last few
weeks which probably indicates low activity in continental countries.

My own occasional monitoring this weekend (11/12th August) showed a lot more
Saturday heard at some time were G6RO, GW4HXO, G3AQC, DJ9IE, F6BWO, PA0SE,
AND GW4ALG. On Sunday ON6ND, G6RO, GW4HXO, MM0ALM, EI0CF, PA0BWL. At about
1415 to 1430z I heard two station having a contact I think I copied DJ???
but soon one of my TV drifties obscured the frequency (137.01kHz)
Steve was working G6RO a little lower in frequency. At about 1830z I copied
the tail end of a qrs CQ "....NM K" which may have been Markus. DF6NM? The
poor weather on sunday seemed to keep a lot of my neighbours indoors so the
TV problems started earlier than usual at a weekend.

Cluster spots follow....
  136.5  G3AQC       11-Aug-2001 1019Z  559 Laurie in QSO F6BWO
  136.5  F6BWO       11-Aug-2001 1014Z  clg CQ 419 QRN QRM
  136.5  FG6BWO      11-Aug-2001 1013Z  clg CQ 419
  137.0  OH1AH       26-Jul-2001 0639Z  18 aug. 09.00UTC 24h->
  136.6  OK1CS       24-Jul-2001 1104Z  559 from io84
  136.5  OK1RP       24-Jul-2001 1102Z  just 589 Petr!
  136.5  OM2TW       22-Jul-2001 0927Z  cq
  136.8  OM2TW       22-Jul-2001 0924Z  bfr (09;22 ut) i`m heard
  136.5  OM2TW       21-Jul-2001 1832Z  cq
  136.6  GW4HXO      14-Jul-2001 1003Z  (589) cq
G3NYK de GB7MRS 12-Aug-2001 1845Z >

Cheers de Alan G3NYK
[email protected]

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