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Re: LF: 183 carrier received in ZL

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Subject: Re: LF: 183 carrier received in ZL
From: "John Sexton" <[email protected]>
Date: Wed, 15 Aug 2001 03:09:00 -0700 (PDT)
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Hi Bob,
It sounds as though you have found it. When this station is not visible, there 
is no chance of receiving amateur transmissions from Europe.
Europe 1 is situated at Saarlouis, France 06E41/49N17.
This is a 2MW station and as you say does not conform to the 9 kHz raster for 
ITU 1. To achieve very high modulation depth, they compress the normal dynamic 
range of speech so that the sidebands are rather dense, but this may not be 
There is an image of the modulation on my web site at:

73, John, G4CNN

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From: "Vernall"<[email protected]>
To: [email protected]
Date: Tue Aug 14 14:53:56 PDT 2001
Subject: LF: 183 carrier received in ZL

Hi all,>
I report quite good reception of a 183 kHz carrier around ZL sunrise this
morning.  I presume it is the German broadcast station, as the frequency is
relatively unique, not being on the 9 kHz raster of carrier frequencies for
LF AM broadcasting in ITU Region 1 (the standard frequencies are 181 and 190
kHz for that part of the band).

I have a series of 3 Argo captures, which show some deep fades, but at best
it is a very good "solid line" on Argo (30 second dot setting).

I found the carrier frequency to be within 0.1 Hz of 183 kHz.  It would be
good if a local amateur could confirm that the 183 carrier is very close to
declared frequency.

I was advised by Mike ZL4OL that sunrise/sunset times for mid August mean
that the only dark path times for Germany to New Zealand are around ZL
sunrise, and then for only tens of minutes.  183 carrier was received for
much longer than that, but did build up and then drop out either side of the
time for a dark path.  Reception of 183 around ZL sunset has been nil, but
that is not surprising for current sunrise in Germany.

There is perhaps a glimmer of hope for amateur QRP signals to make it
between EU and ZL ????

The ZL6QH trustee has made a request to the New Zealand licensing authority
for the European 136 kHz band to be added to the existing low frequency

73, Bob ZL2CA

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