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LF: DX Cluster spots for 18/19th August

To: "LF-Group" <[email protected]>
Subject: LF: DX Cluster spots for 18/19th August
From: "Alan Melia" <[email protected]>
Date: Sun, 19 Aug 2001 21:32:19 +0100
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Hi all, well Ali's  (DF2BC) appearance certainly bucked up the activity a
bit this weekend, though I suspect he suffers on receive from the problems
of his nearness to Sylt. It is interesting to see him given a 559 by a
Danish station with what purports to be a big aerial yet he was getting
consistent 589/599 reports in the UK.

Surprisingly Finbar didn't make it across and yet he is a steady signal
around 569/579 here most days recently. I think Ali sent QRZ? to him. Finbar
has completed his house move and finds his new location quieter than the old
one, though he does have problems with TV SMPSUs. Other surprises were when
Ali worked Petr OK1FIG, I could not detect a trace of Petr on the waterfall,
and normally I hear Petr when he is on and can easily read his QRSS signal.
Maybe Petr didn't go to the 'summer mansion retreat' this weekend.....Hi.
Also SM6PXJ Christer was worked by Ali and was not heard at my location.
Normally I would hear Christer on the speaker in daytime.

I am wondering whether conditions were poor over the weekend. Although I had
quite good strength on the overnight plot from SXV on Friday/Saturday, the
Saturday/Sunday plot had much more depressed levels. (Plots available soon
on Rik's site)
There was a geomagnetic storm on Friday but it would usually take another 3
to 4 days for the injected ions to affect the D-layer at this latitude and
bring on increased absorption. I am not really sure whether there would be
an appreciable effect in daytime, but a big event might be expected to give
enhanced daytime skywave.

My list of stations heard in order.....
usually heard Wolf) GW4HXO,G3XTZ,F6BWO,G3OLB,DF6NM. Markus was only
identifed by the fact that he was working G3KEV. His signal was clear on the
waterfall as usual, but only about 229 audibly.
DF2BC,GW4HXO,M0BMU,G3KEV,DJ9IE,G6RO,IK5ZPV (only identified as he was being
called by G3KEV, but Mal didn't make the contact. The trace was clear on the
waterfall but no audible copy here.) PA0BWL, PA0SE. I though I might have
just heard the tail of a G6NB call, but it was raining and the TV QRM came
up early right over the signal.

Cluster spots follow...... note some new call-signs posting from OH and OK,
maybe some more activity from those quarters soon??
  136.4  DF2BC       19-Aug-2001 0952Z  559 on beverage
  136.4  G6RO        19-Aug-2001 0954Z  cq
  136.9  G3KEV       19-Aug-2001 0952Z  cq
  136.5  DJ9IE       19-Aug-2001 0914Z  wkg DF2BC loud both!
  136.7  HA6PC       19-Aug-2001 0913Z  wkg Petr,229 weak>jn69
  137.0  DF6NM       19-Aug-2001 0905Z  with DJ2...569 >jn69vb
  136.7  OK1FIG      19-Aug-2001 0850Z  ...THIS CORRECT FRQ!
  136.3  OK1FIG      19-Aug-2001 0835Z  with OH1BS
  136.5  G3YXM       19-Aug-2001 0838Z  wking DF2BC (559 both)
  136.7  OH1BS       19-Aug-2001 0834Z  449 > jn69vb wk OK1FIG
  136.7  OK1FIG      19-Aug-2001 0832Z  Petr clg cq...
  136.5  DF6NM       19-Aug-2001 0829Z  clg M0BMU
  136.5  DF2BC       18-Aug-2001 2132Z  CQ. too bad i have no TX
( <DJ1YFK>
  136.4  DF2BC       18-Aug-2001 2121Z  569 >jn69vb
  136.5  DF6NM       18-Aug-2001 1102Z  with DF2BC
  136.1  EI0CF       18-Aug-2001 1017Z  wkg gw4hxo
  136.1  EI0CF       18-Aug-2001 0953Z  wkg g3xtz
  136.7  EI0CF       18-Aug-2001 0941Z  clg df2bc
  136.5  SM6PXJ      18-Aug-2001 0929Z  Chris barely audible hr
(  <DF0WD>
  137.5  DF6NM       18-Aug-2001 0926Z  clg HB9DFQ in CW!
  136.6  GW4HXO      18-Aug-2001 0923Z  clg df3bc
  136.5  G3XTZ       18-Aug-2001 0914Z  hrd 549 in QSO DF2BC
  136.5  DF2BC       18-Aug-2001 0906Z  now 559 in JN88
  136.5  DF2BC       18-Aug-2001 0903Z  cq, also G3AQC,OK1FIG,PA0SE
  137.1  GW4HXO      18-Aug-2001 0906Z                           <G3NYK>
  137.4  HA6PC       18-Aug-2001 0846Z  CQ
  136.9  G3KEV       18-Aug-2001 0848Z  Mal back after long time ?
  136.8  OK1FIG      18-Aug-2001 0841Z  clg cq 55 in JO42, WD=YHF :-
  136.2  MM0ALM      18-Aug-2001 0826Z  589 unbelievably strong agn
  136.3  MM0ALM      18-Aug-2001 0829Z  cq
  136.3  OK1FIG      18-Aug-2001 0812Z
  136.8  OK1FIG      18-Aug-2001 0815Z  CQ
  136.5  DF2BC       18-Aug-2001 0719Z  Lighthouse expedition
  136.5  DF2BC       18-Aug-2001 0721Z  cq  (589)
  137.0  G3KEV       18-Aug-2001 0710Z  cq
  137.0  OK1FIG      18-Aug-2001 0700Z  in QSO with me....
  136.9  G3KEV       17-Aug-2001 1815Z  cq
  136.5  GW4HXO      17-Aug-2001 1249Z  (579) cq
  137.0  OH1AH       17-Aug-2001 1120Z  18aug 09UTC->24h KO09QS Uto
  136.5  EI0CF       13-Aug-2001 1209Z  579 here calling cq
G3NYK de GB7MRS 19-Aug-2001 1935Z >

Thanks for an interesting weekend fellas.
Cheers de Alan G3NYK
[email protected]

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