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LF: Re: Measurement of antenna current

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Subject: LF: Re: Measurement of antenna current
From: "mike.dennison" <[email protected]>
Date: Mon, 7 May 2001 12:51:24 +0100
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GW4ALG wrote:

Today, I made some more antenna current measurements on my 12 m
vertical (and my shiny new loading coil), using a thermocouple
At resonance, the current into the base of the loading coil, was
2.2 A.  But when measuring the current into the antenna at the
hot end of the coil, the meter only indicated 1.8 A.  I had
expected the reading to be the same at both ends of the coil.
It should be the same, but I suspect that it is a significant part of the
total length of the antenna, and is radiating.

Mike, G3XDV

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