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LF: [Lf] Antenna

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Subject: LF: [Lf] Antenna
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Date: Wed, 9 May 2001 12:13:36 EDT
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Hello Group,

please forget my last posting to this group.
Noticed too late that I received the antenna article from another reflecter.
And Guess it was only adressed to the US guys with their antenna size limit.

Here is what it said, maybe the end of all our antenna problems : ..--..

From N8BKR

<begin quote>

  I have built a very efficient antenna for 160 to 190 Khz. This antenna can
be used on 136 khz.  It consists of a forty foot hat with a three
foot wide, long, loading coil mounted under the top hat.  The loading coil is
wound with copper strap and has a coil inside the main loading coil to tune
the antenna to it's operating freq.    The top hat consists of eight 20 foot
1.25 inch diameter aluminum tubing mounted on two plywood disks.  I have
tested this antenna an it works very well.   This antenna cost me about
$1000.00 to build and I will offer it to your group to use as long as you
like with no obligation to me.  This antenna will outperform any thing you
are now using.  Please contact me if you are interested and I will load it on
my truck and bring it to your site and help install it.    

      Don Moler N8BKR   2623 Morris lane    Girard, Ohio   44420   Ph 330
530 2059     

E-mail   [email protected]

<end quote>

My very personal opinion: too good to be true.

73's Wolf (DL4YHF).
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