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Re: LF: Modulation pattern on 16kHz ?

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Subject: Re: LF: Modulation pattern on 16kHz ?
From: "jannsen" <[email protected]>
Date: Mon, 28 May 2001 20:11:11 +0200
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[email protected] schrieb:
Hi all,

During some RX experiments in the VLF spectrum a few minutes ago, using a bundle of ferrite rods and lot of wire as antenna. There was..
- a quite strong signal on 16kHz, 100 Hz wide;
- an other signal (stronger) on 18.3kHz, more than 200 Hz wide;
- the Russian Navy(?) on 18.1kHz, about 100 Hz wide with a typical FSK pattern (transmitter switched off after the transmission).
An old list says on 16.0kHz is "Rugby RTTY 75", another says its "RTTY 200".
But the signal on 16kHz looks more like a well-shaped PSK signal to me. Or is
it just a very stable QRM in my neighbourhood..
Any information available on this reflector ? If the signal on 16.0kHz is
really PSK, where will the planned CW transmission be on Tuesday afternoon ?
Thanks in advance for any info,
  73's from Wolf DL4YHF.

Hi Wolf es all,
pse do compare ur image with mine, detached.
Uwe/dj8wx jo43sv

GIF image

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