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LF: GBR reception

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Subject: LF: GBR reception
From: [email protected]
Date: Tue, 29 May 2001 15:58:11 +0200
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Managed to catch GBR 16 kHz at the second transmission
here at work:

QSA 4 QRK 5 on a Standard Radio CR91 300 Hz IF with AA300 active antenna

Copied the message with some initial difficulty on the computer keyboard, did not have time to find a typewriter... otherwise that would really have brought
back memories from old Swedish Army R/O days.


Karl-Arne Markstrom

Senior Radio Engineer
Maritime Networks Telia Mobile AB Nacka Strand Sweden
Phone +46-8-6017171, Mobile phone +46-70-6636575 Fax +46-8-6017959

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