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LF: AFK...

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Subject: LF: AFK...
From: "Steve Olney" <[email protected]>
Date: Mon, 16 Apr 2001 11:57:16 +1000
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G'day Stewart,

reading further on your web page I am pleased to see you give the thumbs up
to the AFK system I proposed three years ago (1998).   I have found this is
actually a re-invention on my part as it it is just a very slow version of
Piccolo Mark1 (VSPMk1 ???) invented by some English boffin in1957 !!!
Most recently it has been re-re-invented by some US hams under the name of
PUA-43 and PGP-1.   I will probably use AFK (or VSPMk1) for more 9kHz
experiments in the future.

start quote :-

"However, sending one tone from an "alphabet" of many holds some promise."

end quote :-

I am working at a very slow rate on a soundcard program I call SCARAB
(SoundCard in Amateur Radio Application Bundle) which brings together QRSS,
VFSKCW, Wanjina (FDK), Piccolo (VSPMk1, AFK, whatever...) and some kind of
calibration utility.   Might be ready for you guys by your next winter.
Something else to play with :-)    Just learning about callbacks, messaging
and threads.

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