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LF: Re: Re: Re: [TECH] WOLF, FDK, AFK, etc.

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Subject: LF: Re: Re: Re: [TECH] WOLF, FDK, AFK, etc.
From: "Steve Olney" <[email protected]>
Date: Thu, 19 Apr 2001 07:46:47 +1000
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G'day Stewart,

The spectrum and the performance of both 'systems' are identical, because
it's just two ways of talking about the same thing!

Wow !!! Very clever !!!

Thanks for proving that FDK (Wanjina) has a possibility of being as good as
other systems.   That is encouraging.   It is nice to receive some
encouragement when sometimes the main propensity of some is to undersell
other peoples ideas whilst overselling their own.

Of course, PSK and FDK
can have parameters that make them look very different.  But, IMO, for a
given data rate and a given bandwidth, the settings that provide the most
robust transmission result in very similar spectra and performance
Of course.   No question.  Thanks once again for the proof.

.....   adjust parameters to tolerate very much of this trouble, the
requirements quickly reach the point where AFK would work just as well,
so why not just use AFK?

Hurray - hurray - hurray !!!!   (That's three cheers :-)    After three
years of pushing AFK (Piccolo Mark 1) onto an unwilling audience, finally.

BTW, the other barrow I have been pushing for some time now is to only use
the standard sampling rates of 11025Hz, 22050Hz and 44100Hz, giving reasons
which are now being backed up by wider experience.    All my software I
wrote only used these sample rates, except for VFSKCW.    There, because I
didn't have the know-how to output to the soundcard in real-time, I use
pre-generated WAV files stored on the hard-disk    In an effort to save disk
space I used 5512Hz.   Boy, what a mistake !!! Serves me right for not
taking my own advice :-)    Some users reported large errors in output tone
frequency including one where, on a laptop, the tone came out a SIX times
the required rate !!!!    8000Hz is better than 5512Hz, but still has
problems (on my laptop here 8000Hz has about 300ppm error, while 11025Hz has
50ppm error).

Stewart - when are we going to be treated to a GUI version of WOLF ?   I
hope you are not one of those WINDOZE bashers !!!    Providing a GUI
real-time interface for transmission and reception would make WOLF more
accessible to the ordinary masses (like myself).   I hope to have a
user-friendly version of Wanjina and Piccolo going by the end of the year.
Unfortunately a change in job has meant I don't have the free time I used to
have.    Ah well - have to re-start work on the Lotto Retirement Plan :-)

73s Steve Olney (VK2ZTO/AXSO - QF56IK : Lat -33 34 07, Long +150 44 40)
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