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LF: lf

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Subject: LF: lf
From: "bernd grupe" <[email protected]>
Date: Thu, 25 May 2000 11:08:13 +0200
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I have been rather busy lately and have not provided activity reports.
The only QSO of interest last weekend was with DL0FTZ/P on QRSs, exchanging 'O'/'O'.

Thanks for nice QRSsing, Mike. QSL-card 'll come soon over bureau. During
the annual meeting of the VFDB(hams from Postal- and
Telecommunication-Organisations) and its "50 Years existing-event"(jubilee) we
got from DARC the ability to operate the call DL0FTZ(club-station of Darmstadt)
with a special DOK: VHV2000 .With this call I'll be active up to the end of
June, but usually from my homesite, well known as DF8ZR, locator JN49JV.As a
fact of the bad ant.-cond. at the meeting-site(Klein Heubach/Main near
Aschaffenburg,SE of Frankfurt), it will be impossible to transmit on LF. But I
would be very pleased with receiving CQs on QRSS- or DFCW-mode on Friday-,
Saturday- or Sunday-morning on the first weekend of June(June.04 ...
June.06.00).So I can demonstrate Lowfer-Activity and may find some new friends
in DL. I'll document all fetched spectrograms on my website. And will send a QSL
to everyone, who will be seen with exceptable quality.

looking forward to cu guys, Thanks in advance.

Bernd, DF8ZR

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