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Re: LF: Noise level Measurements by OH2LX

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Subject: Re: LF: Noise level Measurements by OH2LX
From: Väinö Lehtoranta <[email protected]>
Date: Sun, 14 May 2000 09:20:04 +0300
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LF "wave bursts" checked with double-system

Yesterday evening's check was concluded that
no synchronism with 138.83/128.93 data packets
but this idea from Markus was a very good one.
On 13th May evening "wave" burst were irregular
but sometimes several in close sequence. They
first appeared around 1950 UTC, then almost
disappeared one hour later but came back and
were heard irregularly. Wave bursts sound longer
than EFR data packets, maybe 2 to 4 seconds long.
I did send email to a Sodankyla friend asking
whether they could be of magnetospheric origin,
eg AKR (Auroral kilometric radiation).
To summarize: LF reception conditions were
good yesterday and no problem to copy DQ0KBM
on 136.6 kHz until 2153, (-126..-125 dBmW).

73 de Vaino, OH2LX

At 09:38 13.5.2000 EDT, you wrote:
Does anyone else have burst-like noise
appearing as "waves" every 5 to 8 secs?
I hear them practically every EVENING,
normally listen only until abt 23-24 UTC..
I wonder whether these could be the data packets of DCF42/DCF39. Here in DL,
we see bursts of Mainflingen's TX-IM-products all over the band during these
telegrams. Perhaps you could check for synchronism with the modulation on
138.83 / 129.93 kHz.
73 de Markus, DF6NM
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