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Subject: Re: LF: RE: KITES
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Date: Mon, 08 May 2000 16:34:45 +0000
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Talbot Andrew wrote:

There is an article on kites for lifting antennas in last month's (or it
may be the month before) QST.  It shows a design for a simple to make,
serious lifting power kite.  Can't remember the type off hand but I can
fish out the article this evening.  The article contains dire safety
warnings about hands being ripped off
Not good for the cw operator

and people becoming airborne !
Early call from above.

I do not mind making one but if there are  commercial ones available and big
enough for the job I could be interested. Saw an article a few years ago about
one that might be suitable, delta type with a span of 25 feet. It was launched
from a vehicle, something like a glider launch. or 3 persons to manually get it
airborne. The anchor suggested was 2 tons, a good heavy vehicle would be
suitable although I have some good trees on the site. I dont want my Mercedes
to get airborne and land back in Germany.

Andy G4JNT

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> Subject:      LF: KITES
> Hi All
> Does anyone know which kite type/size is best for antenna work. I
> think
> possible the delta type but others with kite flying experience might
> know different. I am looking for a kite to carry an antenna wire up to
> around 500 feet. I do have some met balloons as well and will be
> testing
> both.
> I know all about Air Tfc Regulations and and have a suitable site
> available, which belongs to me. This will avoid over flying others
> airspace.
> 73 de Mal/G3KEV


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