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Re: LF: GPS Signals Accurate Now!!!

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Subject: Re: LF: GPS Signals Accurate Now!!!
From: "g3kev" <[email protected]>
Date: Wed, 03 May 2000 17:20:48 +0000
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"'Geri' Kinzel, DK8KW" wrote:


for those of you using GPS receivers to measure distances for example for
field strehgth measurements (Gamal and I used a Garmin GPS45XL for our
field strength profile of DCF39 and I used this unit to measure the profile
of my own transmitter), here is some great news from the AMRAD e-mail

> In the next few days, we should be getting an announcement that the
> selective availability system will be either turned off or reduced in
> some fashion.  See
> Cliff K7RR

Indeed, it happened midnight last night! SA is off, and recording of my GPS
signal with a stationary antenna shows that all fixes are within a circle
of 15m radius (95% even within 10m radius!). Altitude error is also reduced
down to 1.5 times the horizontal error, so you can climb up your tower and
measure the height of it using GPS!

Also time measurment accuracy using GPS should have increased according to
what I read on the internet (great news for those experimenting with
synchronized signals on LF!).

So, what do they do with all those longwave DGPS stations? More sites and
tower to be activated before they are de-commissioned (and what do they do
with the evacuated frequencies after de-commissioning ... )!
Hi Geri
I use a Garmin GPS III and find it very useful. I checked today and find the
accuracy indicated for location was 17 feet. This model has a world map and
selectable maidenhead loc system so that I can measure any distance world wide
accurately, plus all the other functions.
The computer and mathematical approach is now redundant and it all fits into my
pocket hi

Best 73

Geri, DK8KW (W1KW)

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