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LF: Re: IK1ODO Beacon.

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Subject: LF: Re: IK1ODO Beacon.
From: "Andy Talbot" <[email protected]>
Date: Sun, 30 Apr 2000 11:05:45 +0100
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The IK1ODO beacon was much stronger last night (Saturday)  when it appeared at around 2000z than it was the day before at the same time.   Averaging at least 20dB above noise in 0.03 Hz bandwidth unitl I switched off at 2300z.   Then it appeared to be peaking more than 25db above noise.  Looks like 5 - 10dB improvement on other monitoring sessions.
Software DOPWIN (Dopplergrams for Windows by G3PLX)  with the 56002 EVM. 
No need for Ultra narrow bandwidths now the signal has increased.  What have you done to it ?
Andy  G4JNT
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