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LF: Re: re-inventing

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Subject: LF: Re: re-inventing
From: "Steve Olney" <[email protected]>
Date: Tue, 4 Apr 2000 07:56:55 +1000
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G'day Kevin,

LF techniques covering every aspect have been documented over the years
and while some purport to be inventing new methods they are really
copying what has gone before.

Yes, I know but it difficult to get out a signal without copying Marconi!!!
Perhaps you know something we don't.   Let's us know how you do it!!

The broadcast industry has covered it in
great depth and the various Government Agencies have also perfected the
two way communications aspect especially narrow band methods.

As this is easily available can you point me in the right direction so I can
find information where the various Government Agencies are using narrowband
methods (I have already found some NASA stuff - I am quite happy to come
second to NASA!!!) I would find this most interesting.   Perhaps you might
put this information up on your Webpage along with your experimental work
for our benefit.   Could you give me your URL where I might find your site?

and some amateurs are struggling to work a
few hundred miles into continental europe on 73 and 136 khz.
Good for them.   It shows they are possessed with the true Amateur spirit.
Better than some who confine themselves to one band (136kHz) and pontificate
on the efforts of others on the other (73kHz)!!!!

library get the information, then go home and build it and put up the
largest VERTICAL ANTENNA that you can get into your garden.

You might be interested to know that the strongest signal here in VK from ZL
is from Bruce Rowlings ZL1WB.   He has a 1km long HORIZONTAL antenna and 50W
and his signal is dBs stronger than others who are using vertical antennas
following your prescription and using close to 1kW.   Lucky for us he didn't
trot down to the local library or see your postings.   He has the great
advantage of NOT being a net-surfer.

>It is not necessary these
days especially with material available on Internet to RE-INVENT the
proverbial wheel.
Here I must confess you have completely lost me.   How is using an antenna
from Marconi's day and a mode from Marconi's day NOT re-inventing the wheel,
but those who are striving to try something different in antennas and modes
ARE?!!   I am sure there is some logic there - but I must confess it is too
complex for me!!

Personally, I find the work of those who have not re-invented the wheel but
done something against the conventional wisdom much more interesting to read
about than who has the biggest antenna.   The birch tree antenna is one,
the ZL horizontal antenna is another.   I also get a kick out of my CHA
which lies along the ground but is largely vertical (OK, so the ground is
largely vertical) especially as it outperforms the vertical I can (or want
to) put up amongst the forest of trees on my block.   Clearing the block is
not an option.   It won't be blown down and cost me zero.

Kindest Regards
Steve VK2ZTO

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