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Re: LF: re-inventing

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Subject: Re: LF: re-inventing
From: "Toni" <hb9asb[email protected]>
Date: Mon, 03 Apr 2000 23:27:44 +0200
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Government agencies have used LITTLE and LARGE antennas, high
power and low power and know all the answers,
I don't know what kind of super-government you have. Here they do not
know all the answers. As a matter of fact they have more questions than
answers (and some of them are quite crazy).
And regarding power and antennas, I got the impression that they use
always big power and big antennas, also in the cases when it is not

mathematics and formulae and worried how to go about it,
May be some can do it without but I need the maths to understand how
things are working

library get the information,
Good Idea! Some of the best antenna books you find there are written by
amateurs. BTW also some antenna books for the professionals.

then go home and build it and put up the
largest VERTICAL ANTENNA that you can get into your garden.
Ok. I think everybody got this point now.

You might
then be able to work into the USA or Canada. It is not necessary these
days especially with material available on Internet
Yes, thanks to lot of engaged amateurs who have written nice software,
developed easy to build hardware and created articels about antennas and
propagation on LF.

to RE-INVENT the
proverbial wheel.
Hmm, always this wheel: may be it's not necessary to re-invent it but it
is fun and as far as I know not forbidden.
Finally: Who is a professional and who an amateur? Was Marconi an
amateur or a professional?
At least here, most amateurs have also a job.
And sometimes they are excellent RF engineers.
As a hobby they are experimenting with microwaves
or...........................LF. And sometimes it is not so clear where
they get the good ideas - at work or in the leisure-time activity.

Regarding me, I'm not a professional in this field, but I'm happy to
learn from the professionals among us. Also via this reflector.
73 de Toni, HB2ASB

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