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LF: Friday night/cross-band QSO's

To: [email protected]
Subject: LF: Friday night/cross-band QSO's
From: "James Moritz" <[email protected]>
Date: Fri, 31 Mar 2000 17:57:30 +0000
Organization: University of Hertfordshire
Reply-to: [email protected]
Sender: <[email protected]>
Dear LF Group,
When I last listened, Rugby was still be off the air on 73kHz, so I will be active again on that band tonight, from about 1900utc onwards, with normal CW or QRSS, whichever seems appropriate.
I'm sure there are a few stations out there who would like to try a
cross-band QSO while Rugby stays off the air. It's a bit difficult to
have a 'random' normal CW cross-band QSO without a prior sked
being arranged, due to the likelihood of colliding with 136kHz
QSO's. Since most CW activity seems to happen below about
137.2 kHz, and slow CW seems to happen above about 137.65,
how about having around 137.4 as a temporary calling frequency
for cross-band QSOs, just for the duration of Rugby's shut-down?
As I recall, this area has been set aside for PSK31, etc., but not
many people seem to be set up for these modes as yet.
Hope to see you on the air over the weekend,
Cheers, Jim Moritz
73 de M0BMU

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