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LF: Cluster spots (lack of) GB7DXM for 25/26th Mar

To: "rsgb_lf_group" <[email protected]>
Subject: LF: Cluster spots (lack of) GB7DXM for 25/26th Mar
From: "Alan Melia" <[email protected]>
Date: Mon, 27 Mar 2000 12:16:15 +0100
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Sender: <[email protected]>
Hi all I am afraid I have had trouble accessing my local cluster again. When
I did get the list for 136kHz it only contained 3 spots for Petr OK1FIG
which are contained in the list from Wolf posted previously

My own log of  QRS signals as follows.
Sat. 25th March
0515z  OK1FIG 137.695kHz CQ This was a very weak signal from Petr, with the
elements broken up by crashes of noise. It would rate an 'M' report  I was
not sure at the time of the call.
0531  Weak reply (?) I think to Petr's CQ about 5Hz higher in frequency
0536  Another weak signal on 137.730kHz
0540  OK1FIG  CQ now much stronger and fully 'O' which he seemed to retain
for the rest of the day, CQs logged at 0545,0558,0730 (on 137.720)
0818  "BM......"    "? K X"  ...someone calling Jim for cross-band ??
0828  "G3LDO DK8....."washed out by nearby call from ON4ZK. Not Gaspard's
fault just one of the failings of Mike Cook's FFTDSP4 now on this mode. With
so much activity it is not selective enough. Traces would be ok on
0859   "R R DK8KW SK" so Geri made the the QSO with Peter.
0903   G3AQC  CQ DFCW
0910   "ND M U  ZPV UR O O O TU SK"  I have pored over this trace to work
out who Valerio was working, I wondered whether I had missed a dot in the
noise and it was a cross-band with Jim. I was quite interested as this is
the first trace I have seen from Valerio.
0950 DF6NM  "CQ X " fully 'O' here
1015 DJ5AO calling IK5ZPV
1228 DF6ZR calling OK1FIG    "?" from Petr then an 'O' report
This mornings logging goes again to show that FFTDSP4 is some dBs short of
the performance of Spectrogram on weak signals. It is also less robust in
its response to noise bursts.(at least with the setting I am using)

Sunday 26th Mar.
0532  OK1FIG  CQ  'O' here also at 0545,0600,0613z
0627  OK1FIG  CQ now much stronger . Also 0637,0646
0706  ON4ZK  CQ
0835  G3XDV  CQ
1127  "...YA  AO Z GM  O  O  O K" probably DJ5AO (??)
Several DFCW signals were seen also later in the day.

It was interesting to note how Petr OK1FIG started with a relatively weak
signal at around 0500z both days and how the stringth inceased over the next
hour or two. He was very consistant all weekend. Readable at 'O' all day on

73 de Alan G3NYK  JO02PB
[email protected]

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