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LF: Re: 73/136kHz

To: [email protected]
Subject: LF: Re: 73/136kHz
From: "DEREK ATTER" <[email protected]>
Date: Thu, 23 Mar 2000 12:37:45 -0500
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Hello LFers

Lech G3KAU and myself plan to be QRV from 1930 onwards on 73Khz Friday
evening from the Crawley Club station using the Club call G6RC  -  (G6
Radio Club !) rather than our usual call G3WSC because G6RC has a lower
duty cycle for QRSS !.
We expect to run 300W RF to the 360 ft long Inverted "L"  which has a
70ft.vertical down lead. We also plan to be QRX on 136Khz for possible
X-band QSOs.   We have just installed a new computer at the Club including
sound card so will be QRV with Spectrogram and Spectran for receiving on
either 73 or 136Khz and would welcome any arrangement for skeds either QRSS
or hand CW. We can also be QRV on any HF band for talk - back if required.

Looking at the  suggested frequencies on 73Khz already posted on the
reflector for various stations, I propose we use 71.83Khz but would welcome
any suggestions to the contrary because it is some time since we have been
on the band and a lot has been happening in the past couple of weeks.

I have been air testing the rig with new loading coil today and will be QRV
(manual CW) from the home QTH on 73Khz tonight  Thursday  23rd March . I am
obtaining 2.0 amps into my inverted "L" with 3 x 50m wire top and 15m
vertical leg with 250w RF which makes the base impedance about 65ohms. The
antenna current is slightly down on that obtained at 136Khz and the base
impedance slightly higher than the 136Khz value of approx 45 ohms.

               Regards,   Derek Atter,  G3GRO,  Crawley,  IO91VC      Tel
:  (0)1293 520 424

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