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LF: Re: 71.8 KHz this morning

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Subject: LF: Re: 71.8 KHz this morning
From: "Dave" <[email protected]>
Date: Tue, 21 Mar 2000 09:03:53 -0000
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It was me, I was working Valerio IK5ZPV... yes we made it at last!
I can try any time today, transmitting on 71.800 listening on 137.7 +/- 40Hz
or wherever you like.

Let me know when you would like to try.

   looked to 71,8 KHz this morning and suddenly saw   z p v  r r o o o k
6.50 utc, fine sigs). Then left my shack for breakfast.
But I had a feeling that something happened and so I went back upstairs.
saw   x  m  7 3  sk (7.19 utc, agn strong sig). Who was it? I would like
have a duplex.
73  Walter DJ2LF

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