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LF: 73 kHz QRSS

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Subject: LF: 73 kHz QRSS
From: "Rik Strobbe" <[email protected]>
Date: Tue, 07 Mar 2000 10:50:40
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I listened (looked) on 72.8kHz (+/- 100Hz) last night :
G3YXM 'O' : worked Dave x-band (first ON - G ?)
M0BMU 'O' : worked Jim x-band
G3XDV 'M' : missed Mike (want another try in the morning ?)

It was the first time that I seriously tried 73kHz and made some
interesting observations :
1. all 3 stations had longterm QRB (+/- 15 min. periods) and the QSB was
not 'in phase' for the 3 stations (eg. when G3YXM became stronger G3XDV
went down in noise)
2. QRN was barely audible above RX noise on my 136kHz antenna, so with a
tuned antenna reception would be better
3. M0BMU was 219 audible for a short time (with a better antenna at my side
a 2-way normal CW QSO could be possible)

73, Rik  ON7YD

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