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LF: R: DX Cluster spots for Feb 19/20 on GB7DXM

To: [email protected]
Subject: LF: R: DX Cluster spots for Feb 19/20 on GB7DXM
From: "cesare tagliabue" <[email protected]>
Date: Mon, 21 Feb 2000 07:09:51 +0100
Reply-to: [email protected]
Sender: <[email protected]>
   Hello Alan
       Thanks for your weekly report of GB7DXM. Sorry that you can not see
my signals on Gram.
Yes I work QRSS almost every evenings from 2000 to 2100 UTC and also often
in the morning from 0730 to 0800 UTC, always on the top end, normally on
137.730 or so. As you know my ERP is very
low because of the very small antenna. I'm sorry for have not seen the call
of DJ5AO, but yesterday
here in Florence the band was very noisy due to a near storm.
           73   Cesare

Cesare Tagliabue   I 5 TGC
e-mail: [email protected]

-----Messaggio originale-----
Da: Alan Melia <[email protected]>
A: rsgb_lf_group <[email protected]>
Data: domenica 20 febbraio 2000 23.38
Oggetto: LF: DX Cluster spots for Feb 19/20 on GB7DXM

0823    DJ5DI  CQ
0827    G4GVC  worked DJ5DI given 559
0844    OE5ODL cq   worked DJ5DI on 136.6  abt 439 here
0940    SM6PXJ wkd PA0LEG
0950    G3XTZ  cq
0954    GI3PDN calling PA0LEG
0959    G6RO called PA0LEG jumped 300Hz lf at start of call
       G3YXM called &wkd PA0LEG
1029    G3OLB cq much stronger than usual with me
1139    EI0CF wrked G3OLB Finbar's new aerial works well
       better than usual for daytime with me.
1251    G4GVC   wrkd I5MXX ...PA0BWL missed 1st call-sign and called over
       2nd over despite which John gave 559...I could not read I5MXX
1344    EI0CF wkd G3YXM
1357    G3CCH  QRSS CQ 'O' good signal here
??      EI0CF called PA0BWL no qso
1728    GI3PDN wkd EI0CF
??      EI0CF wkd G4GVC got a 589 from John, which I think is an S point up
for daytime.
2139    GW4ALG cq
2154    GW4ALG wkd SM6PXJ
2150    M0BMU wkd ON4ZK QRSS both 'O' here
??      GW4ALG called OZ8ND

Sunday 20th Feb
0108    SM6PXJ QRS with some drift Christer...shack getting cold!!
0830z   G3XDV Big signal...test and then cq
0940z   HB2ASB   wkg QRS to DF8ZR on DFCW ...Toni a good solid 'O' 25dB
       above the noise on 'gram, Bernd 'T'in local noise,
       just 'O' on last over
??      HB2ASB QRS calling 15TGC pulled all stops out but no signs of
       here (.685 to .770)
1059  DJ5AO QRS calling I5TGC 2nd call at 1110z petered out into noise. I
       didn't see a qso, but it sounds as though Cesare is making it over
       the Alps now.
1705    DF8ZR CQ on DFCW 'O'
2140    ON4ZK  QRS CQ   'O'

Good signals all day from Steve GW4ALG and Peter (from the Chalk Pits)
GB2CPM, also DJ9IE, PA0SE, PA0BWL, and a big signal from Tom
else 'breathing on' their aerial I guess.

A big file of spots this week again
  136.9  I5MXX       20-Feb-2000 1803Z  599
  136.8  OE5ODL      20-Feb-2000 1143Z  569 cq
  136.9  DK5PT       20-Feb-2000 1050Z  549
  136.5  DJ1ZB       20-Feb-2000 0937Z  559 cq
  136.5  HB2ASB      20-Feb-2000 0851Z  579
  136.3  G4GVC       19-Feb-2000 0928Z  329 cq
  137.0  DJ5JI       19-Feb-2000 0923Z  qso with oe5odl
  136.6  SM6PXJ      19-Feb-2000 0917Z  439 in qso with oe5odl
  136.5  OE5ODL      19-Feb-2000 0840Z  559 cq
  136.4  DJ5DI       19-Feb-2000 0838Z  329
  136.9  SM6PXJ      18-Feb-2000 2101Z  449
  136.8  I5TGC       18-Feb-2000 2012Z  569/559 jn65<>jn53ps
  136.8  I5MXX       14-Feb-2000 2240Z  599 qsx 3530
  136.8  HB2ASB      13-Feb-2000 2045Z  1st qso S5/hb9 569/349
  137.0  I5TGC       13-Feb-2000 1833Z  cq 559 with 15mw erp
  137.0  DJ5BV       13-Feb-2000 1250Z  CQ  CQ no takers
G3NYK de GB7DXM   20-Feb 2146Z >
 1800.0  GW4ALG      20-Feb-2000 1218Z  cq 136.32khz
 1800.0  G3OLB       20-Feb-2000 1059Z  wkg gb2cpm 137.33khz
 1800.0  GB2CPM      20-Feb-2000 1056Z  137.10khz
 1800.0  GW4ALG      19-Feb-2000 2141Z  cq 136.25kHz
 1800.0  EI0CF       19-Feb-2000 1753Z  wkg g4gvc 136.64khz
 1800.0  EI0CF       19-Feb-2000 1425Z  wkg on6nd
 1800.0  G3CCH       19-Feb-2000 1421Z  QRS CQ 137.66khz
 1800.0  EI0CF       19-Feb-2000 1415Z  cq 136.63kHz
 1800.0  EI0CF       19-Feb-2000 1354Z  wkg g3yxm 136.63kHz
 1800.0  DL3FDO      18-Feb-2000 2150Z  hrd 569 137.04
 1800.0  SM6PXJ      18-Feb-2000 2125Z  lsn 579 136.4 kHz
 1800.0  IK5ZPV      18-Feb-2000 2116Z  559 136.9kHz
G3NYK de GB7DXM   20-Feb 2149Z >

Another enjoyable weekend, nice to see that 'chaos' still rules even on QRS
!! Thanks Toni
I have a nice .jpg file of your signal and one of DF8ZR's DFCW. I would so
much have liked to catch just a feint trace of Cesare, even 'T' , I hope he
was transmitting in the normal area, at the top end.

73 de Alan G3NYK   JO02PB
[email protected]

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